Welcome to the Pet Ref App!

A customizable reference tool.

Also makes for a great training resource!

An all-in-one location for pet-related notes (e.g. compare heartworm, flea, and tick meds). Useful in veterinary offices as a staff onboarding and reference resource.

Now Open! As of Thursday, August 22, 2019, the Pet Ref App site officially launched and is ready for sign-ups. Please use the Contact Form (upper-right corner and footer) should you discover any issues. Thanks for visiting!!
  • Access your information while on the phone with clients . . . or whenever you get that lightbulb thought!
  • No need to go flipping through aging binders.
  • Centralized access is well-suited for teams.
  • Quick reference topics:
    • Medicine List
    • Parasites
    • Heartworm Preventatives
    • Reactions / Side-effects
    • Resources
    • General Notes
    • Repeats
    • Procedures
    • Data Updates (admin mode)